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The Moon

This is one happened to another officer in my department but it's darn funny, especially since the cops got the last laugh, as is often the case.
One of our traffic officers happened to be driving behind a school bus loaded with high school students on their way home. Well, one of the young Einsteins on board thought it would be hilarious to give the officer a "special greeting" - one involving the "moon" coming out during the day. He proceeds to bare his backside out the back window as the other students howl with laughter. That is until the officer lights the bus up, pulls it over and climbs onboard. This officer is well built and not real happy so I'm sure he was pretty intimidating as he headed for the back of the bus. And, as if often the case with teenagers, it was pretty easy to pick out the suspect even without getting a look at his face. Every scared kid on the bus was pointing right at him! Our officer grabs him and on his way out tells the driver he'll make sure this one gets home alright. Imagine the phone call to that kid's house!

Article added: March 20, 2009

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